The First Week of Class

Set a registration deadline and provide customized resources

  • Set a deadline for when the student must "link" (or sync) their iClicker account with Canvas. That way, students will be able to get set up before you start asking iClicker questions during class (and obtain the optimal amount of points). Include (in your syllabus or on hand-outs) in-depth instructions on how and what the students need to do to set up iClicker. 
  • Include explicit documentation on how to connect with Canvas (see iClicker Syllabus Statement).

Explain how the screenshots will be used in class, if at all—and if for review

Inform your students how iClicker will be used to meet course objectives

  • Oftentimes students feel like iClicker is just an extra "thing" or busywork for them to do. Communicate with your students (up front) that iClicker is more than busywork and that it's really a tool used not only to record attendance but to gauge comprehension of the course topics. Students will be eager to use it (and participate).

Explain scoring expectations to students

  • Indicate how you will award iClicker points for the students who participate. Some instructors like to award one (1) point per question, and if the student answers the question correctly, they'll receive one (1) point. If the student answers the question, but not correctly, because the student attempted the question (and participated), the instructor will award that student 1/4 of the points possible. Make sure students understand how the points will work so they are eager to participate and share in your expectations, too!

Using the App in Class

  • Have students use either the classroom wifi or their data package.
  • Have students turn off wifi for all other devices not being used at that time.
  • If students have trouble logging into the wifi network, have them click the forget button on their device and try again.
  • If students have trouble logging into the app, have them go through the browser, and vice versa