Please consider before using links.

  1. If you are creating private links to Tegrity Recordings to be placed in a Canvas content area, you will need to redo the links at the beginning of each semester. When a new Canvas course is created, a new Tegrity course is created and recordings will have to be moved to the new Tegrity class. The private recording links will not work once the recordings have been moved. You can make a public link (see movie), but that link can be shared outside of Canvas. And you cannot generate student viewing reports on public links. Please Note: Even if you do make public links, please move recordings into new courses, as recordings in courses over 3 years old are deleted. 
  2. It is extremely bad practice to link to recordings in other instructors' courses. We realize instructors share links, but trouble shooting playback problems for students is extremely difficult. With permission from the instructor who created the recordings, the Tegrity admin can copy the recordings into your course.
  3. Tegrity Recording Links have two settings: 1) Private: Access allowed only to people enrolled in the course, or 2) Public: anonymous, meaning anyone can view the recording.

This is the process to link to a Tegrity Recording in Modules.