There are two ways to access speedgrader for an assignment.

1. Clicking on the Assignments tab. Choose the assignment you wish to grade. Then click on SpeedGrader in the top right of the screen

2. Click on the Grades tab. Find the assignment you wish to grade.  Then click the drop down menu choose SpeedGrader. 

Fig 1.  Top left of speedgrader

Button functions list

1. This brings you back to the grade book

2. This allows you to mute a student assignment

Fig 2. Mute Assignments info

3. This brings up a list of keyboard shortcuts

4. This brings up a list of options for getting help

5. This is the settings tab for sorting assignments. Note: Sorting by Submission Status brings all the Needs Grading submissions  to the top of the list 

6. The submission media appears here

Fig 3. Right side of Speedgrader

7. This indicates how many assignments have been graded/total

8. This indicates what student/total you are on

9. These arrows allow you to go to the next student or go back to the previous 

10. This pulls down a menu to select a specific student

11. Typing a grade in here and hitting the blue submit button will update the grade book

12. These buttons can be used to attach a media comment

13. When you are done don't forget to hit submit!