Currently the Canvas App on a mobile device cannot playback embedded Kaltura videos.  However, the user can use Chrome or Safari on a mobile device to play the embedded Kaltura videos.  However, the below method will allow users to view embedded videos in the Canvas app on a mobile device.  

1) In your Canvas course, click on Modules, the click + in the upper right-hand and corner of the Module to add a new Page. Choose a Content Page. If using a New Page, put in a Name and click Save. Click on the page to open it and choose Edit. Or you can Edit a previously created Page. The below videos explain what comes next.  

2) Kaltura Media can be added to a Discussion Board, Announcement, Assignment, or Test Question using the Edit feature.  

3) Any content uploaded via Kaltura into Blackboard is available to be placed in a Canvas Course. 

4) Analytics can not be captured for the media using this embed method.  If the user runs the Kaltura Analytics tool, the views will show up as anonymous user.