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Uploading scantron exam scores into Canvas

Modified on: Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 7:59 AM

This article will help you to upload your exam scores that you get from the Assessment Resource Center (ARC) into Canvas.

  1. Download the Canvas .CSV file from the Assessment Resource Center if needed.
  2. Go to Canvas and open your Grades area.
  3. Hover with your mouse over the name of the column where you want to upload your exam scores (See, Fig. 1)

    Fig. 1, Column name in Canvas

  4. While hovering over the column name you will see a web address show at the bottom left hand corner of your web browser.
  5. This web address will end with a 5 digit number (See, Fig. 2). Write down, or save, this 5 digit number.

    Fig. 2
    , web address of Canvas column

  6. Open the .CSV file from the ARC.
  7. The top section of the .CSV file should have these column headers and points possible area (See, Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3
    , .CSV file columns

  8. Delete "PT2 (Student Scores)" from the F1 Cell in the spreadsheet. 
  9. Replace "PT2 (Student Scores)" with the name of your desired column and the 5 digit number from the web address (Ex. Exam 1 (19537) (See, Fig. 4).

    Fig. 4
    , Exam 1

  10. Save your .CSV file.
  11. Next, Import it into your Canvas grade book
  12. Click the Import button in the upper right-hand corner of your grade book (See, Fig. 5)
  13. Click Choose File to browse your computer for your .CSV file.
  14. Click Upload Data.

    Fig. 5
    , Import button in Canvas grade book


    In order for your grades to upload into Canvas the student number and the first/last name of the student MUST BE CORRECT.  If you have a student that has not filled in their information correctly it WILL NOT RESOLVE and will NOT BE UPLOADED without prompting.  Scroll through your .CSV file and note any that have missing information
    If Canvas can't find a match, a window will pop up upon import that will ask you to select the student the score belongs to based on the closest match that is available.

  15. If you have unresolved data you will get a screen that looks like the following (See, Fig. 6)

    Fig. 6
    , Unresolved Data in Canvas grade import

  16. Choose from the drop down the correct student name or choose to skip that entry.
  17. Then, Click Continue.
  18. Canvas will then show all of the grades that will be uploaded into the grade center.
  19. Click Save Changes.
  20. A pop up window will appear letting you know that the process will continue to run in the background and that you may leave the window (See, Fig. 7).  It may take up to 10 minutes for the scores to populate in your grade center.
  21. Click OK.  After you click OK you may navigate away from the screen.
    Fig. 7, Canvas pop up window

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