1. From within your Canvas course site click on People.
  2. Click the Add People button.
  3. Change the "Add user(s) by" button to Login ID.
  4. Enter the pawprint of the user you would like to add.  If you have multiple users you can enter them all separated by commas.
  5. Choose the role you would like the user(s) to have.
  6. Select the section you want them to be in.
    *If you do NOT select the box for "Can interact with users in their section only" the new user will be able to see all of the users in the course site.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If you have put in the correct pawprints the next screen will resolve with the person's first and last name and look like the picture below.  If the pawprint does not resolve, either you have entered an incorrect pawprint or the user does not have a Canvas username.

Successful add:

        9. Click Add Users. Click Done.

Unsuccessful add:  Stop and contact canvas@missouri.edu to have the pawprint added to Canvas.

Note: If you need assistance enrolling a user in your course site, please email canvas@missouri.edu.