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Notification preferences in Canvas

Modified on: Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 12:42 PM

You can personalize your notification preferences to determine which course activities you wish to receive notifications for, how often you wish to be notified, and which method you prefer (e.g., email or text message)

From your Account menu, click the Notifications link to access and edit your preferences (See, Fig. 1). 

Account menu in Canvas. Profile photo is displayed at top. Options include Logout, Profile, Settings, Notifications, Files, and ePortfolios. Fig. 1, Account menu in Canvas

Adding Text Notifications

In order to receive text messages for course notifications, you must go to Settings > Other Contacts > Add Contact Method to add your cell phone number. If you have a limited texting plan with your carrier, you might wish to limit the number of course notifications you receive via text.

Dialog box for registering cell phone to receive SMS notifications. Required fields include cell number and carrier. Fig. 2, Registering a cell phone number for text notifications. The SMS Email field will populate automatically when the first two fields are completed.

Note: If you are an instructor who has taught in Blackboard in the past, you are accustomed to automatically receiving an email when you post a course announcement. In Canvas, you must edit your notification preferences to indicate that you wish to receive an email of announcements that you have created; these are not sent by default (See, Fig. 3).  The same is true for Conversation Messages that you send - you must adjust the notification message so that you recieve a copy in your email.

Setting notification preferences in Canvas. Announcements Created By You selected for immediate notifications. Fig. 3, Setting notification preferences to request notification of announcements you have created.

Default Notification Settings 

Go to https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10624 to learn more about Canvas notification preferences.

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