Instructor Checklist

  1. Do NOT leave any cells blank.
    • Enter a 0 (zero) for any blank cells where the student has not completed an assessment.
    • Enter a EX (for exempt) for any cells where the student has been exempted from an assessment.
    • Any columns that are completely blank should be either deleted, or removed from the final grade calculation
  2. Do NOT leave any columns Muted.
  3. Do NOT use the "Treat Ungraded as 0" feature. This only affects your personal grades view, not the actual grade of the student.

 NOTE   Failure to follow the steps above will result in incorrect grades based on running totals being sent to MyZou.

Methods for Zeroing Columns

In both the old and new Canvas Gradebooks, you may set all of the missing submissions in a column to zero by using the Default Grade feature. 

  1. In a column with missing grades, choose Set Default Grade from the column's menu.
  2. In the out of box, type a "0". 
  3. Do not check the box labelled Overwrite already-entered grades. You will lose all of the other grades in the column and will have to redo them by hand. 
  4. Click Set Default Grade. 
If you are using the new Canvas Gradebook, you can automatically set all missing grades to zero, assuming that all assignments have a due date. Any assignments without a due date will have to be set to zero by hand, or by the previous method. 
  1. In the gradebook, click the Settings (gear) icon.
  2. In Late Policies click the box Automatically apply grade for missing submissions.
  3. Set Missing submission grade to 0%.
  4. Click Update.

Other Tips

  1. Check each assignment to verify that the points possible is correct. If these are incorrect, grade calculations will be off. 
  2. Extra-credit columns should always be worth zero points. 
  3. If you are weighting grades, verify that the weights and other settings for each assignment group are correct. See for details on weighting.