Instructor Checklist

  1. Do NOT leave any cells blank.
    • Enter a 0 (zero) for any blank cells where the student has not completed an assessment.
    • Enter a EX (for exempt) for any cells where the student has been exempted from an assessment.
    • Any columns that are completely blank should be either deleted, or removed from the final grade calculation
  2. Do NOT leave any columns Muted.
  3. Do NOT use the "Treat Ungraded as 0" feature. This only affects your personal grades view, not the actual grade of the student.

Other Tips

  1. Check each assignment to verify that the points possible is correct. If these are incorrect, grade calculations will be off. 
  2. Extra-credit columns should always be worth zero points. 
  3. If you are weighting grades, verify that the weights and other settings for each assignment group are correct. See for details on weighting.