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Uploading final grades to Canvas from an Excel file

Modified on: Fri, May 1, 2020 at 3:29 PM

To upload an Excel column that contains your students' final grades, follow the steps below before you publish your final grades to myZou. Information about formatting the excel file is available at How do I upload changes to the Gradebook?

  1. In your course, create a no submission assignment.
    • The name of the assignment cannot be Current Score, Current Points, Final Score, Final Points, or Final Grade as these are reserved for Canvas functions. We suggest something descriptive, such as MyZou Grade, as students will be able to see it, at least briefly, in your grade book. (This document will use MyZou Grade in the instructions for the sake of clarity.)
    • Set the points possible for the assignment either to the total for the course or out of 100, as Canvas needs to use this to calculate a percentage to convert to a letter grade. Which you choose will depend on whether you want to upload total points or a percentage to begin with.
    • If you are weighting grades, the assignment will need to be in its own assignment group (category). That category will need to be weighted to 100%. If you are not weighting you grades through Canvas, you may place it in any assignment group.
    • Save and publish the assignment.
  2. In your Canvas grade book, exclude all existing assignment columns from calculating toward the Total column in one of two ways:
    • Edit each Assignment and uncheck the option Do not count this assignment towards the final grade or,
    • for weighted grades, set the weights for all assignment groups to zero.
  3. Go the to the grade book. Export it by clicking on the Export button at the upper right and choosing CSV File. This will take a moment to generate and then download.
  4. Open the export in Excel.
    • If you already have an exported grade book with grades in it, simply copy the column header for MyZou Grade (including the associated serial number that appears in the spreadsheet) into your spreadsheet for the column with the scores. (We recommend that the file you upload only contain the first five columns and the grade column to be uploaded. This will simplify and accellerate the upload process.)
    • If not, remove all columns to the right of Section, paste in the MyZou Grade column header (including the associated serial number that appears in the spreadsheet), then enter your grades below it.

       MyZou Grade Column Header
      Figure 1: MyZou Grade Column Header

  5. Save the file as a .csv - Canvas cannot read an Excel file in its native format. 
  6. Import your Excel file by clicking Actions, and then Import button at the top left-hand side of the page (See Fig. 2).

    Figure 2: Import a file to the grade book.

  7. Click the Choose File button and browse for the Excel file on your computer.
  8. Click the Upload Data button.
  9. Canvas will automatically match the column and show you a summary of the scores being uploaded.
  10. Review the scores and click the Save Changes button on the bottom of the page.
  11. When the popup window appears, click the OK button.
  12. Confirm that this column calculates toward the Total column.
  13. Proceed with the final grade export process described in Submitting Final Grade from Canvas.
  14. After exporting final grades, you can unpublish the MyZou Grade column and restore weights or points in your grade book. 

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