Courses in the Tegrity Courses List can now be moved to a Past Courses Tab.  Past Courses do not show up in the drop down list on the Tegrity Recorder.  Thereby helping to eliminate the possibility of recording into the incorrect course. Courses can only be moved to the Past Course Tab one at a time.  Also, the Past Courses Tab will not appear until you have moved the first Active Course to a Past Course.

To move a Tegrity Course to the Past Courses Tab, click on the Course to open it.  Go to Course Tasks> Move to Past Courses.  Click OK and then Select Courses in the upper left, and you will see the a Past Courses Tab, and the course will be located there.

To move a Tegrity Course from Past Courses to Active Courses, Click on the Past Courses Tab, open the Course, go to Course Tasks> Move to Active Courses. Click OK, then the Course will appear in the Active Courses Tab. 

NOTE: Recordings from a Past Course can be moved into an Active Course, using the Recording Tasks > Move function.