Getting Started

1. In order to get started with Zoom, locate your Canvas course.

2. Your instructor should have a module set up with a direct link to Zoom.

3. Click this link. You will be directed to another window that will automatically begin the download for the Zoom Installer.

4. Once the download is complete, open the package to complete installation.

5. After installation is complete, the meeting window will open.

The meeting will begin once a host joins.

Things You May Need To Know

The navigation bar is an important key to you having a successful meeting.

(From left to right)

1. Join Audio

  • Option to dial into the meeting from your phone for conversations
  • Option to use your computer's microphone and speakers for conversations

    ***Once audio is joined, the option to mute yourself becomes available. Along with the option to leave the audio session altogether.

2. Stop Video

  • This gives you the option to stop sending video feed to meeting participants. 

    ***The arrow beside the "Stop Video" button gives you access to the settings for the meeting.

3. Invite

  • Option to invite other participants to the meeting by email invite or by manually copying the meeting url/invitation to your clipboard. 

4. Participants

  • Opens a new tab on the side of your meeting window and gives you a preview of who is in the meeting.
  • Option to raise/lower your hand whenever you have a question.

5. Share Screen

  • Option to share screen with multiple devices/persons in the meeting including your cellular device.
  • In order to stop sharing your screen, a small navigation bar will appear at the top of your screen with a button that says "Stop Share".

6. Chat

  • Opens a separate chat window that allows you to communicate with meeting participants.

7. Record

  • You will need permission from the meeting host in order to record the meeting.
  • This button gives you two options:
    • Record the meeting to your computer
    • Record the meeting to the cloud

        You will be able to access your recorded meetings at a later time.

8. Leave Meeting

  • Option to leave the session.

9. Breakout Rooms

  • Sometimes, instructors may split meeting participants into different "breakout rooms". In this room, you may speak to instructors privately and/or ask for help.
  • You may return to the main session when you are finished.