Tegrity does have the ability to Auto Generate Captions for Tegrity Recordings.  These captions are 60-80% accurate and  DO NOT meet ADA standards.  If you have a student registered with the Disabilities Office please contact the office at 884-7278, and they will pay for Captioning that meets ADA standards.  

If you do wish to have Captions Auto Generated for Recordings,  email the Tegrity admin the name of the course, at tegrity@missouri.edu,  Then go to the Tegrity Course, select the Recordings to be captioned, then select to Recording Tasks > Request Captions.  Click Continue and then OK. Every time a new recording is uploaded into the Tegrity course, a caption request will need to be made for that recording

Closed Captions can be edited, but not easily.  In the Edit Recording window, the Closed Caption file can be downloaded, edited on a local computer and then re-upload.