1. Install the Zoom app: iPhone or Android
  2. Open Zoom app
  3. Click on the SSO sign in button (See, Fig. 1)Fig. 1, SSO sign in button
  4. Enter mizzou as the domain (See, Fig. 2)
    Fig. 2, Entering the domain
  5. Enter your University pawprint and password (See, Fig. 3)
    Fig. 3, Enter your pawprint and password
  6. Click Open (See, Fig. 4).
    Fig. 4. Open the page in Zoom

    That's it! You now have a basic Zoom account which can be used for meetings and classes (See, Fig. 5). Your basic account has a limit of 40 minutes per session and 100 participants. Your course instructor may request approval for you to be upgraded to a pro account if necessary for your course work.
    Fig. 5, Zoom App