Mizzou Online courses use Examity for all exams. Mizzou Online will continue to pay half of the Examity fee for proctoring through FY20. Students will pay half of the fee as well as on-demand fees. Examity currently charges $16 for a one hour exam (live proctoring in real time). Costs are subject to change. Students will pay when they schedule their exams.

When appropriate, the Mizzou Online exam room will provide additional information and instruction for your proctored courses.

  1. In your site, go to Modules and click the + button on a Module group (See, Fig. 1)Fig. 1, Add module
  2. In the popup window, select External Tool from the dropdown menu (See, Fig. 2)
  3. Scroll to Examity and select it from the list.Fig. 2, Examity External Tool
  4. Scroll to the bottom of this popup window and check the box to Load in a new tab (See, Fig. 3).Fig. 3, Load in a new tab
  5. Click the Add Item button.
  6. Be sure to Publish your new link by clicking on the grey cloud icon so it turns to the green Published icon (See, Fig. 4).Fig. 4, Publish icon

Additional instructions are available on Examity's web site at http://www.examity.com/docs/Canvas_Instructor_Quick_Guide.pdf.