Storing and Retrieving Your Zoom Recordings

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When you record a Zoom session, you have two choices as to where to store your recording: On your computer’s hard drive or in the cloud.

Fig. 1. Options for Zoom recording.

Record on this Computer

When you choose to record to your computer, an MP4 file will be saved to your hard drive.

  • On a PC, the file will be saved to This PC > Documents > Zoom.
  • On a Mac, the file will be saved to Documents > Zoom.

When you go to your Zoom folder, you will find a sub-folder with the name of the Zoom session. This sub-folder will contain the MP4 file as well as an audio-only file.

You can also find the path of your local recording by logging in to the Zoom web app (, clicking Recordings in the left-hand navigation, and then choosing the Local Recordings tab.

Fig. 2. Local Recordings tab.

Record to the Cloud

Retrieving Your Cloud Recordings from My Media

When you choose cloud recording, you will be able to retrieve the recording from the My Media tab in Canvas. You can add this to any course navigation if it is not already there, or you can access it from your Canvas profile.

Fig. 3. My Media tab in Canvas user profile.

Retrieving Cloud Recordings from Your Zoom Account

When you record to the cloud, you will also be able to retrieve a copy of your recording from your Zoom account for up to 60 days after the session.

  • From the Zoom scheduler in Canvas, go to My Recordings.
  • From the Zoom desktop app, click Meetings > Recorded.
  • From the Zoom web app (, go to the Recordings link in the left-hand navigation and choose the Cloud Recordings tab.

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