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I will be using iClicker software this semester to conduct polls, quizzes, and/or attendance in class. This will help me understand what you know and give everyone a chance to participate in class. This will also give you feedback on how well you are comprehending course concepts, help you master the challenging material in this class, and allow you to review material after class.

You are required to bring an approved iClicker device to participate in my iClicker sessions during class. Those would include a smartphone, tablet, laptop or an iClicker remote.

It is your responsibility to properly register your iClicker Reef device and/or iClicker remote in a timely fashion. It is also your responsibility to regularly check your iClicker grades for any discrepancies and bring them to my attention quickly.

Registration Instructions:

Regardless of which device you use in class, you must create an iClicker Reef account–or use your existing Reef account if you already have one–to ensure that your grades sync to my iClicker gradebook. You can do this by downloading the mobile app via the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting iclicker.com.

Then, you must connect your Reef account within our Canvas course. To do this, you must navigate to the iClicker Reef registration link in Canvas, click the link, then sign into your Reef account from the window that opens. You can find the registration link for iClicker under modules, iClicker, etc. This will automatically add our class to your Reef account. It is also required that you enter your Mizzou pawprint accurately in the Student ID field of your Reef profile. Do not enter your student number there as the system will not recognize this.

Upon signing up with iClicker Reef, you will have a 2-week free trial period. After that point, you will need to purchase a Reef subscription or obtain access code if you want to participate in iClicker sessions with your mobile device, tablet, or laptop. Be sure to do this during the 2 week window so your use of iClicker Reef is not interrupted. Students who fail to properly set up their iClicker Reef accounts will miss out on iClicker points. It is your responsibility to make sure your account is in working order, and to regularly check your grades for any discrepancies and bring them to my attention immediately.  If you already have a Reef account, simply add my course to it. Do not create a duplicate account.

Click here to learn about your options for purchasing a Reef subscription or obtaining an access code

If you are using iClicker remotes to participate in class, you must also register your remote in the profile section of your Reef account by entering the 8 character ID from the back of your iClicker remote into your Reef profile. You will not need to pay for a Reef subscription or obtain an access code if you are only using an iClicker remote, and can therefore ignore the “Buy or Extend Subscription” message that will appear in your Reef account.

If you want the option of using both an iClicker remote and iClicker Reef on a smart device, you can purchase a Reef subscription in addition to an iClicker remote and simply register the remote in Reef. The iClicker system will record your responses to sessions regardless of which device you use to vote.

You have the option to rent an iClicker remote. Visit the Macmillan Learning Student Store to view iClicker rental information, which also includes an option to purchase access to the iClicker Reef mobile app at a discounted rate.

Grading Information

Class attendance/polls will be worth X% of your final grade. You will earn X points for each correct question you answer. Likely, X questions will be asked each lecture period. Your final grade will be calculated as (questions you respond to)/(total number of questions) x 100.  This percentage will be synced after every class / once a week / etc from iClicker Reef into Canvas once you properly set up your iClicker Reef account, but you can also view your points on the iClicker web site or iClicker Reef app.

Academic Integrity Information
iClicker activities fall under the provisions of our campus's academic honesty policy. Students must not engage in academic dishonesty while participating in iClicker activities. This includes but is not limited to answering polling questions while not physically in class, looking at other students' devices while answering live questions, or using more than one iClicker remote or account at a time.

Any student found to be in violation of these rules will lose iClicker points for the entire term and may be reported to the Office of Academic Integrity (https://oai.missouri.edu).

Need Help?
You can find the answers to many of your questions by visiting iclicker.com/studentsupport at any time. If you continue to experience issues, please contact iClicker support via phone (866.209.5698 ) or email (support@iclicker.com). Live support is available Monday - Thursday from 9AM - 11PM, ET and Friday from 9AM - 9PM, ET.