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Enrolling external users in Canvas sites

Modified on: Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 8:47 AM

Mizzou's Canvas license restricts non-UM System affiliated users from accessing our system. 

Approved Use-Cases for External Users

Mizzou can only allow temporary guest access for:

  • guest lecturers, 
  • accrediting agencies,
  • professional reviewers, or 
  • students and instructors from other institutions participating in a cooperative agreement such as study abroad programs

Getting Access for Approved External Users

External users who fit within the approved use-cases listed above will need a visitor account or temporary access account. To request a courtesy SSO (username), please contact your unit specialist in Human Resources at (573) 882-7976. When the courtesy SSO is created contact Course Design & Technology at (573) 882-3303 or canvas@missouri.edu to add the SSO to the Canvas system. 

Options for Other Uses

For any purposes where users not affiliated with the university system need to access a Canvas site, MU Extension has a Canvas instance with the appropriate licensure. You can contact Jessica Gordon at Extension (gordonjes@missouri.edu or (573) 884-3177) to discuss hosting that type of site on their Canvas instance.

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