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Machine Generated Captions: Importing, Editing, Viewing and Downloading

Modified on: Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 8:46 AM

Machine captions can be  60 to 90% accurate, and Panopto machine captions can be imported to a Recording.  This type of captioning DOES NOT meet ADA compliance.  If you have a student registered with the Disabilities office, that office will pay for human captioned videos and audio which meet ADA standards.  Please contact disabilitycenter@missouri.edu for more information.

Media Owners can request Caption only on one media at a time.  If you would like all your media be captioned or all media within a course, please contact panopto@missouri.edu.  

Note: It may take over an hour after the recording is completed before the captions have been generated. 

Importing, Editing, Viewing and Downloading  Automatic Captions

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