In the Classroom

  • The instructor computer should be hard-wired to the internet.

Inform students “Why are we using iClicker?”

Oftentimes students feel like iClicker is just an extra "thing" or busywork for them to do. If you can communicate with your students (up front) that iClicker is more than busywork and that it's really a tool used not only to record attendance but to gauge comprehension of the course topics, students will be eager to use it (and participate).

The first week of class:

  • Consider using iClicker with an icebreaker question
  • Only use iClicker as a trial run, not for actual credit
  • Show the First Day PowerPoint (attached to this article) in class or post on Canvas

In the Grade Book

Sync scores weekly so students know their status

  • Many instructors find it helpful to sync their iClicker scores with their gradebook immediately after class. That allows the student to know where they are (point-wise) in the course, but it also helps them know what topics they need to study up on. When using Canvas, please make sure to update your points column as it pertains to iClicker prior to syncing.
  • iClicker should be worth between 5 and 10% of the overall score.

Show the iClicker column but do not include in the overall score calculation until the end of the semester 

Contact iClicker support:

Always export iClicker points, session information, etc., into an Excel file at the end of the semester and save it for later