GPS Attendance

Reliably track student attendance. Use GPS technology to ensure that students are attending class. No more attendance codes that can be easily shared via text.

Polling & Quizzing

Flexible tools for an active classroom. Ask polling questions on the fly. Facilitate active learning activities. Complete quizzes with mobile devices or clickers and grade in minutes.

Instant Study Guides

Help your students study.  Students leave class with every question you ask to be used as a study guide. You can also choose to provide students with the correct answers and control when students receive the study guide.

Integrated with Canvas

Upload grades in a flash. iClicker’s simple Canvas integration allows you to upload grades with the push of a button.

Set Up In Minutes

Less time on setup. More time on teaching. iClicker solutions can be set up in under 5 minutes and work with your existing content. You never have to author or import questions within iClicker. Just create a course and get started.