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Understanding the New Gradebook

Modified on: Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 3:50 PM

NOTE: Changes are only in Instructor view, not in student view.

Old Gradebook

  • The OPTIONS dropdown menu provides access to gradebook management tools.
  • The dropdown menu for the assignment on the column header provides access to assignment options.
  • The filters are  limited to student name/Secondary ID.
  • Only the Total column can be moved.

New Gradebook

To activate the new grade book, click on the Settings button in your course navigation menu.  Click on the Feature Options tab on the top of the page. Click on the slider to turn on the New Gradebook.

What’s New?

Functions are now divided into Gradebook, View, and Actions.

Gradebook options

(Individual grade view and Grading History which shows the history of all grading done for the course, filtered by Student, Grader, Assignment, or Date)

View Options

Filters can filter by Assignment Groups, Modules, and class sections (if they have been created)

Filters can also filter by Modules

Statuses allows you to modify the colors for Status Options

Actions Options

Import, Export, and Sync are now in the Actions DropDown

Assignment Options

You may now drag and drop any assignment to a different location in the gradebook to reorganize.

Totals can now be sorted by Grade

Individual Assignment Drop Downs allow much of the same functionality as before but organized a bit differently.

Individual score corner icon goes to complete student info

Automatically set late policies

Click the Setting icon to create and automatically apply late policies.  DO note that these late policies are set at the whole course level. They will apply to all gradable assignments and will even be applied to previously graded assignments if this is turned on mid-session.

More to come

Please see the Canvas New Gradebook User Group to see what is still coming, provide feedback, link to all documentation, or learn from others: https://community.canvaslms.com/groups/focus-group-gradebook


Old Gradebook
New Gradebook
Gradebook View Options
Default, Individual, and Sections options
Default, Individual, History, with advanced viewing options to choose arrangement, filters (including Modules), dates, points), and Statuses
Change Status indicators for Late, Missing, Excused, Dropped, Resubmitted assignments)
Select colors, change status for students through the Grade Details pane
Set Default Grade
Assignment Drop-Down
Assignment options (snowman;3-dot)
Sort grades for specific assignment
Assignment options- Sort Grades (by value or status)
Message students who…
Assignment Drop-Down
Assignment options
Set a default grade
Assignment Drop-Down
Assignment options
Mute Assignment
Assignment Drop-Down
Assignment options
Select Points/Percentage for assignment
Assignment options
Go to SpeedGrader
Assignment Drop-Down
Access from Assignment page OR from individual student details pop-up
Individual student grade review
Triangle in corner of assignment in gradebook view – Update grade, go to SpeedGrader, view files, view rubric, view comments
Arrow in assignment in gradebook – Go to SpeedGrader, update grade, change status, write comment
Update grade in gradebook
Assignment box
Assignment box
Set late policies for all assignments
Gradebook settings (course-level setting – cannot be differentiated by assignment)
Set policy for missing assignments in gradebook
Gradebook Settings – Late Policy

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