The video will walk you through how to upload video to a Canvas Assignment.

Below is a textual representation of the above video.

  1. Browse to the assignment in your Canvas site.
  2. On the assignment page, click the Submit Assignment button (see Fig. 1).
    Figure 1: Click the Submit Assignment button.

  3. In the rich content editor, click on the More External Tools icon and select Embed Kaltura Media in the menu (see Fig. 2).
    Figure 2: Select Embed Kaltura Media from the dropdown menu.

  4. To upload new media, click the ADD NEW button and select Media Upload in the menu (see Fig 3). Follow the prompts to upload to new media. The media item will be added to the My Media page. Continue to step 5.
    Figure 3: The ADD NEW button is on the top, right corner of the Embed Kaltura Media popup window.

  5. To add existing media, click the Select button next to the media item you want to submit.
  6. Click the Submit Assignment button on the bottom of the page.

Note: You cannot upload from a mobile device. See Transferring Media from a Mobile Device to a Computer for more information.