1. Open iTunes software.  If you don’t have the iTunes app, please download it to your computer from the Apple, Inc. website:  https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
  2. Open Canvas and navigate to the site. Publish the site.
  3. Click the Tegrity Classes button.
  4. In Tegrity, click the Course Tasks drop-down menu and select Video Podcast (See, Fig. 1).Fig. 1, Video Podcast link in Tegrity
  5. A popup window will appear to Open iTunes? (first time). Click Open iTunes (See, Fig. 2).
    Fig. 2, Open iTunes dialog box
  6. Toggle to the iTunes window. View Podcasts.
  7. Confirm all Podcast recordings are downloading. If not, click the Feed tab (See, Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3, Feed tab in iTunes

  8. Click the download from Cloud icon next to each recording (See, Fig. 4).
    Fig. 4, Download podcasts from the Cloud
  9. Go into your computer’s files and locate the folder with your course name.  File path:  Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Podcasts > Course Name (See, Fig. 5 and 6)
    Note: Consider adding the Podcast folder as Shortcut on your desktop.
    Fig. 5, PC location of Podcasts folder
    Fig. 6MAC location of Podcasts folder
  10. Go to your Canvas course.
  11. Click the Panopto Videos tab in your course (See, Fig. 7).
    Fig. 7, Panopto Videos link in Canvas course site
    NOTE:  if you do NOT see your Panopto Videos item in your Course menu you will need to enable it in your course navigation menu.  
    Please see https://mizzou.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/11000020188 to learn how.
  12. In Panopto Videos, click the Create tab. Then, in the drop down menu, select the Upload Media tab (See, Fig. 8).
    Fig. 8, Upload Media in Panopto Videos
  13. On the Upload Media page, select the appropriate file, then drag videos from the Podcast folder on your desktop into it (See, Fig. 9).
    Fig. 9, Drag files to add to Media
  14. You are finished when all videos have finished uploading.