Mizzou is moving to Panopto as the new supported lecture capture solution. Panopto has additional features for instructors and students, and is already in use at all of the other UM System campuses. Educational Technologies is providing support to instructors needing to move existing lecture capture files from Tegrity to Panopto.


Migration timeline

  • October 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019: Migrate existing Tegrity lecture capture recordings to Panopto or Kaltura. Submit request to have your recordings moved.
  • January 1, 2019: Instructors no longer record in Tegrity. All new recordings occur in Panopto.
  • June 1, 2019: Tegrity access limited to system administrators.
  • June 14, 2019: Tegrity contract expires.


The campus conducted a pilot of Panopto from fall 2017 through summer 2018. Fifty-nine courses used Panopto during this timeframe. Eight of the 13 colleges and schools were represented in the pilot. Various class sizes, use-cases, and delivery modes were also represented.

Data from the review process and pilot show that Panopto:

  • Greatly improves student experience (search functionality, inline comments, etc.)
  • Is capable of forward-thinking use cases (multi-camera, streaming, student creation, etc.)
  • Provides enhanced usability and modern interface
  • Provides additional recording triggers that reduce burden on faculty to start recording
  • Has more efficient administration tools than the other solutions

Instructor feedback on Panopto is positive. A survey conducted at the end of the fall 2017 semester showed high satisfaction with the solution, and a preference with Panopto over the current lecture capture solution. Some quotes from instructors include:

“Panopto has been easier for me to use. It is easier to edit videos and to post them more quickly. There appear to be more features for both instructors and student viewing, note-taking, etc. I've been favorably impressed!”

“Panopto is as easy to use in recording lectures as Tegrity, and offers many advantages over Tegrity: 1. it is very easy to edit the recordings 2. it is easy to organize the recordings in folders with different properties 3. it is possible to include quizzes that are graded automatically and the scores are included in the grade book 4. all the analysis tools are much nicer and easier to use than Tegrity.”

Pilot Participation

Table 1: Panopto usage during pilot

Usage HoursCoursesInstructorsViewing HoursRecording HoursViews

A majority of the academic units participated in at least one semester of the pilot. The following academic units used Panopto in at least one for-credit course.

  1. College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
    Agricultural Economics, Atmospheric Science, Natural Resources
  2. College of Arts & Science
    Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Digital Storytelling, Economics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Statistics
  3. College of Human Environmental Sciences
    Social Work
  4. College of Business
    Finance, Management, Marketing
  5. College of Education
    Information Science and Learning Technologies, Data Science
  6. College of Engineering
    Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  7. School of Health Professions
    Communication and Speech Disorders, Physical Therapy
  8. School of Nursing


Panopto was used in web-facilitated and completely online courses. Class sizes varied from classroom to large lecture. Recordings were created to deliver course content, and for student created media assignments.

The courses with the most Panopto recordings were in the School of Nursing. Ninety-four hours of recordings were created in five nursing courses. The most watched Panopto videos were in STEM courses. Those courses are:

  • 2018SP CHEM 2110 Glass - Organic Chemistry II (3,128 hours)
  • 2017FS STAT 1200 Ries - Introductory Statistical Reasoning (6,897 hours)
  • 2018SP STAT 1200 Ries - Introductory Statistical Reasoning (7,502 hours)
  • 2017FS PHYSCS 2760 Kosztin - University Physics II (3,871 hours)

UM System-wide usage

All of the other UM System campuses are using Panopto. A common technology stack across the UM System campuses is increasingly more important with the growth in course sharing and cross enrollment. Additionally, an RFP procurement process is not required because Panopto is already licensed with other campuses.