Windows Recorder Tips

Minimizing the recorder on Start.  If you select Capture Powerpoint and Open a Presentation, the recorder will minimize when the PowerPoint opens and start recording.  Also, you can choose a setting on recorder, version 5.8, that enables the recorder to minimize on every recording.  Go to Settings > App Settings > Check Minimize when recording > click Save

Start at Recording F8 

When the recorder is open, F8 starts a recording

Pause a Recording F9

To pause or un-pause a recording select F9.  This hotkey works even if the recorder is minimized.  Unlike Tegrity, you will not receive a message that the recording is paused.  However, Panopto does continue to record, and if you forget to un-pause, you can use the editing function to reveal the paused sections of the recording.

Stopping a Recording F10

F10 will stop the recording, maximize the recording, and open the upload window.