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Macmillan is a global book publishing company with prominent imprints around the world.  Currently, Mizzou integrates the following Macmillan digital learning and education tools within Canvas:

  • eBooks--Macmillan ebooks are accessed using the VitalSource Bookshelf platform that allows you to access course materials whenever and wherever you choose--laptop, desktop, or mobile device.  You can download texts directly or access them via your browser.  To assist you with setting up VitalSource Bookshelf and accessing ebooks, click on the following links:

           Creating Links to VitalSource Bookshelf in Canvas

           Set Up VitalSource Bookshelf App on Windows or Mac

           Set Up VitalSource Bookshelf App on Phones and Tablets

           For additional assistance, please email Course Design & Technology at: coursehelp@missouri.edu

  • Macmillan LaunchPad--LaunchPad is an interactive online resource platform that helps students achieve better results. Students can read, study, practice, and complete homework all in one place. To learn more about LaunchPad, click HERE. If you have a LaunchPad course, you can integrate it with your Canvas course by using the Macmillian app or through VitalSource. For instructions on integrating using the Macmillan app, click HERE. On that webpage, scroll down to the heading titled Enabling the Macmillan Learning app in Canvas. For help integrating using VitalSource, please email Course Design & Technology at: coursehelp@missouri.edu
  • Sapling Learning Courseware and eBooks--Sapling Learning is an online homework system and ebook that helps students learn key concepts.  For more info about Sapling Learning, click HERE.  For assistance integrating your Sapling Learning course, please email Course Design & Technology at: coursehelp@missouri.edu.

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